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Winter in Jokkmokk, northern Sweden

I hope the snow will wait another month!

November is a month when snow normally start comming, hopefully it will wait till December this year.

Uppsala surroundings

The famous Swedish university town of Uppsala lies 65km/45mi northwest of Stockholm in a fertile plain on the banks of the Fyriså. The river divides the town into two distinct areas - the historic quarter to the west and the commercial area to the east. The most notable building in Uppsala is the Cathedral, visible from most parts of town. It is the chief town of the county of Uppsala and the province of Uppland and the seat of the Lutheran Archbishop of Sweden. There is a variety of industry around the town (engineering, pharmaceuticals, printing).
The county of Uppsala occupies the central part of the province of Uppland, which played a prominent part in the early history of Sweden. The people of Uppland, the Svea, enjoyed the right of electing and deposing their kings. The name of Sweden (Sverige) is derived from Svea, and the term Svea Rike, the kingdom of the Swedes, is still found in this form in the traditional painting of Dalarna (dalmålningar).

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